New HQ Picture + BTS Video of Dakota with Kate Young in Vanity Fair (March 2016)

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"DAKOTA JOHNSON AND KATE YOUNG ACTRESS, 26; FASHION STYLIST, 40 While taking off her clothes in Fifty Shades of Grey may have helped make her famous, it’s what she’s been putting on that’s influencing her style status. The daughter of 1980s icons Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, and the granddaughter of one of Hitchcock’s muses, Tippi Hedren, she can be seen in the comedy How to Be Single and the provocative thriller A Bigger Splash. 

DISRUPTION: A coterie of international fashion designers are clamoring to dress her. “I want to feel like the most elegant version of myself when I have the opportunity to wear beautiful gowns. Because at some point they come off and my real clothes go back on.”"


Source // BTS Via

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