MASTERPOST: 'Fifty Shades Darker' Promo Shoots

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  1. zmovies - I have read the 50 shades series a few times. It's no literary masterpiece but I really enjoyed it. I saw the first movie in theaters and was totally disappointed but the trailer for this movie made me think it was going to be better. It wasn't. The scenery was beautiful and the soundtrack was great but the acting and story line were total crap. Scenes that are supposed to be totally intense are monotone and boring. This story is supposed to be filled with emotion. It's supposed to have screaming and yelling, fighting and making up. It's supposed to be intense. Instead all you get are a ton of scenes with boobs and the actor supposedly having sex with his pants on. People like this story because it's a bit kinky but it's still a story that needs to be told. I felt they left out pretty much everything that makes this story likable and what was left barely made sense. If you haven't read the books you most likely won't know what's going on.

    Just for reference the theater was mostly empty. Maybe 20 people watching on opening weekend Saturday night. Several people kept checking their phones and one lady was asleep when the lights came on at the end. They fooled my twice. I won't be back to see any future movies from this story line. I'm sad that they screwed this story up so badly.
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