Don Johnson mentions Dakota on an interview with Inquirer (October 2017)

by - 1:24 PM

On Dakota: “She asks me for advice about everything. It could be the littlest thing, like, ‘I found this kitty in the alley when I was shooting. It’s half dead. Should I bring it home?’ I have to say we talk a lot about things.”

On Fifty Shades: We discussed it to some degree, but Dakota is a very powerful person. I’m so proud of her. She’s a dynamo, and she has good instincts about her career. We’re a family in this business. You have to be respectful of somebody else’s lane."

If Don has seen Fifty Shades: "No we made a deal early on. I said, ‘I wish you well, but this is one movie I won’t be seeing.’ It was the right choice.”

On Dakota being Miss Golden Globe 2006: She was so cute (laughs). She was a little tiny thing. When I was in the audience that night and was watching her walk onstage, I knew she was nervous. But, what a joyful thing for me, just to get to watch her do that.”

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