New Fan Picture of Dakota in NYC (July 19th)

by - 3:35 PM

Fan Encounter

"I had just come out of the Empire State. I was walking around the avenue and stores, the store's name I met her is Urban something. When I was leaving and I looked at the snack bar that was at the store, I recognized her right there, then when I saw her boyfriend I was even more sure because I saw many pictures of them together. My legs trembled, I was speechless, my head went into a tailspin, I waited that she gets out of the line and then I talked to her, despite having many years of English, I spoke the words all wrong, I asked, "Can you take a picture with you?" She kind of was floating but she understood, and she answered softly something, I don't remember if it was yes or of course but she put her hand on my arm, her skin is very soft and have no stain. Is very beautiful. I took 2 identical photos, her boyfriend was embarrassed too and he waited at the door, they were both wearing sunglasses and I realized they wanted to be discrete.  I said "I'm going to die" but in Portuguese and she waited super quiet while I pick up the camera. When we finished, she seemed to expect that I would do something like give a kiss to her but I only took her arm because I ran out reaction and also because they don't like these gestures, at least not New-Yorkers. She was like in super beautiful clothes and very stylish as well, I didn't take much about her hair but you could even see that it was well silky and soft. I said thank you and she said "You're welcome" very softly, her voice is very sweet. After that I came out of the store and I was so stunned that I got lost, I went into a street that I didn't know and I ended almost in Times Square, which is very far from where I was, but I could find my way back. My God, never even I contemplated this idea because I thoust it was believed impossible, I never thought about it, I will thank to God every day!"

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