New Interview of Dakota with El Pais (Spain)

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"Filming Vale has been an amazing experience. Amenábar is really calm, friendly and so talented Im a big fan of his work."

"Because of my work, I have travelled a lot and I know the Mediterranean way of living, in that aspect Rachel and I are completely different.  She is there for the first time. Well, Ive never been in Ibiza too."

"Yeah, why not?" (She says with a lovely smile when I ask her if she would see the starts with a guy like Victor (Quim Gutierrez)

"Ive read the All that glitters novel by Bret Easton Ellis. Ive nothing to do with that. Ive never been a privileged person. Although my family is famous, Ive always have a normal life."

"Im really closed to my grandma. We speak a lot. Shes my favourite woman in the world. She has 60 tigers, lions and a guepard."

"The fame is something really strange. It changes your life completely in a second and people you dont know think you belong to them. But at the same time I should be grateful."

"Sometimes I think Im really exposed because of Fifty Shades but I dont know how it would be if I would have never done this kind of movie."

"I dont think I will be always categorized as Anastasia Steele. I want to do all type of movies."

"Filming Cymbeline has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. Ive read lots of books of Shakespeare. Playing one of his characters is the best, theyre very complex. Everything he wrote is amazing, theres a story inside each story."

"My family is special. We have interesting dinners. My parents have influenced me a lot."

"I dont have a specific way to prepare a role or a movie. It depends on the character."

"My relationship with Antonio Banderas is good."

"The success of Fifty Shades is a strange mixed of a private and a public life. People like to see something that its really private in two characters you can easily connect with."

"In a movie you can only show some aspects but in the EL James book, this type of relationships (BDSM) is shown with a romantic aspect well, I dont know what Im talking about, Ive never have a relationship like that."

"Ive seen a lot about the BDSM world before filming the movie. Well, Ive read about it. I think the sexuality is something really interesting and important."

"Now, I want to do a comic character. (The interviewer told her that with this look she looks like Betty Boop) Really??? I love it and My mom too. She will be very happy when I tell her this!"


Source | Translation: @FannyNose

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