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"Get tips for the perfect girls night out from Dakota Johnson and Alison Brie! They will be answering your questions right here tomorrow at 4:15pm PST! Submit yours below and grab advance tickets to see How To Be Single on February 12 now: http://fandan.co/23wq86v"

1. I love you so much, you’re my inspiration. What advice would you give me & other people who look up to you, as a role model? 
Oh my god, Sammi! Be yourself. Love yourself. Rock on. - D 

2. This has possibilities! For Dakota & Alison If u can go out on a date with any celebrity male or female alive or dead who would it be and where Would u go? 
David Bowie! I would love to go to get some tacos and then cha cha at a dance party. - D 

3. For Dakota and Alison:Do either of you share any similar personality traits to your character in How to Be Single? 
Not really. I like to have boyfriends! - D 

4. Dakota and Alison: What is one piece of advice you can give to single ladies? Travel! - D 5. Perfect break up food; lots of ice-cream or chocolate?? 
Chocolate! - D 

6. Dakota: Did you like all the outfts that you wore in the movie? Do you have one iin particuar? 
I loved the outfits! One of my favorites was the green checkered dress that I wore at the Christmas party. - D 

7. Where did you place your people’s choice award, Dakota. 
It’s in my bathroom! - D 

8. Dakota & Alison, how was it to shoot with 3 ladies alongside you as leading roles? 
It was kind of the best way to make a movie. I think we need more of this. More, more, more. - D 

9. What’s your favorite romantic comedy of all time? 
“Benny & Joon.” - D 

10. To both of you girls, what’s your favorite movie to watch in a girls night in? 
“Harold and Maude.” - D 

11. Dakota, do you like pet rats or are you weirded out by their tails? 
 I’m okay with pet rats. - D 

12. Dakota and Alison: Describe your perfect date. 
Dinner and a movie! - D 

13. Can you describe How To Be Single with three words? 
Travel. Giggles. CozyBookSleep. - D 

14. Dakota: Do you like to dance? Kiss from Brazilian fan 
I love to dance! - D

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