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In New York and Los Angeles, and the sleeping Italian Florence among the most beautiful water and fruit trees, I met the charming star "Dakota Johnson", five times on three different occasions in less than one month, and not every time as the other, as if four women were in one body and one soul, and after each she used to ask a lot of questions from girlfriends and friends who asked about the nature of the glamor that filled people in her controversial film series Fifty Shades Of Grey for adults only. There is no room here to answer all these questions, but very briefly I can say that I found out about

her it is more beautiful, form and content, more transparent, a wonderful model of the star modest, simple and smart, very educated, who knows what she wants, and she inherited from her parents the best qualities.

Dakota from Hollywood's royal family, her mother Melanie Griffith and her father Don Johnson. She was on screen with her mother in "Alabama" in 1999. She later took part in many works, most notably starring in the romantic drama "Fifty Shades of Grey."

First, what prompted you to go into acting?
Dakota: I grew up in a house that loved the world of film and cinema, which made me dream of participating in acting. From my childhood I thought I would work in filmmaking because I grew up in the film, art and music industry. The most comfortable place for me today is the location of a film.

I think you did not have a traditional childhood because of your parents' fame and hard work. How do you remember your childhood days?
Dakota: My childhood was full of travel, and I spent it around the world between different American cities and European cities. I traveled a lot with my father to shooting sets. So I had to move among many schools, and it was difficult to make long-term friendships. But this style has earned me a world-wide culture so that I have been able to explore new cities, live interesting adventures and visit the most important museums.

How do you adapt to the lights of fame?
Dakota: I'm used to fame because of my family, but I'm still confused by the crowd.

If you were not a successful actress, what would you want me to be?
Dakota: If I were not an actress I wanted to be the owner of a bakery, a flower store or a coffee shop, and I think I would be the best maker of local cakes and pancakes, the best coordinated flower maker, and the best people who make delicious and fresh coffee.

How do you rate your role in the controversial "Fifty Shades Of Grey" series in your career?
Dakota: I am really proud of this work. The story is different and I like different things. I feel today in the right place, having struggled and struggled for years. I am very fortunate to cooperate with great and inspiring artists.

What is your advice to aspiring actors?
Dakota: Distinguish everything to shine.

Tell us about your personality and style.
Dakota: I like simplicity, and I like the views that integrate the sexes but the femininity of femininity attracts me as well. What I wear really depends on my temperament. In everyday life, I have chosen a comfortable sweater with jeans and usually tend to formal long dresses for red carpet occasions.

Gucci has chosen to launch #InBloom. Can you talk more about this new project with Harry Nave and Petra Collins?
Dakota: Alessandro recently launched his new perfume and asked me to participate in the advertising campaign for this fragrance. I have been briefed on some of the details of this project, which is named "Bloom", a distinctive combination of flower fragrance with a luxurious touch of ownership. I am delighted that I consider myself and every woman a rose in the Garden of Dreams, and I am delighted that this cooperation is an excellent opportunity to work with my friend Alessandro, along with Petra and Harry, who are both living in the Garden of Dreams. I see them as a symbol of radical women, it's really a great honor.

You know that you are the most popular love of the Gucci House, so why this great love? What is this cooperation for you?
Dakota: I loved this brand for a long time, and from my first memories of the house, is a dress that was given to me by my mother. This house is characterized by its high quality and craftsmanship. Each piece, regardless of season, looks like a single piece of art, which I do not find in other fashion houses. In addition, Gucci presents fashion as a form of art, so I see it not only as unique in terms of unique dresses and stylish designs, but also as a means of expressing my creativity through Alessandro's designs, strong and very special. The vision of his creations is a booming for me a more than wonderful gift in this relationship. I see that appreciating the dreams and talents of those we love is interesting and wonderful.

What distinguishes Gucci's fashion from others? What are the criteria that make you embody the aesthetic vision of this house? What are the best products for you?
Dakota: When I choose my clothes, I choose them carefully because I think they reflect part of my personality to the audience or to the people around me. I think wearing Gucci clothing highlights the complex and sensitive part of my personality with a special aesthetic touch and prominently just as I like it. I'm very sensitive and my personality is a vehicle.

Gucci's aesthetics make me bolder to wear bright colors. I tend to wear black and dark colors, because it makes me feel more comfortable. Gucci is a trademark that gives me the neutrality of choosing the clothes that suit me, especially as I hate being part of a particular kind of fashion. But when I wear Gucci I feel like I represent myself. The clothes look sexy, smart and masculine. These are the specifications I would sometimes feel.
Among my favorite Gucci innovations are the low fur shoes, the new Bloom Gucci fragrance, and lots of other pieces designed by Alessandro. For makeup, I like the Gucci Garnet Raw, the Concealer Perfecting Luminous Face, and the black mascara.

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