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Transcript from Dakota's Interview:

Now that the third and last movie of the Fifty Shades series is completed, how do you feel? 
Dakota: I feel nostalgic, grateful for the experience and excited for the future. 

 How was the last day on set? 
Dakota: It was very surreal, we had worked all night and were waiting for the sun to come out for the last shot, but it seemed like it never would! We were waiting and waiting. And then finally we got the shot and it was a beautiful morning. Anastasia reconnects with Christian Grey in the second film, but this time on her terms. 

How does their relationship evolve now in Fifty Shades Freed? 
Dakota: I think in this third film, both Anastasia and Christian have figured out that it’s going to be a constant fix of control and power between both of them. But, because they have decided to get married they have made a conscious decision to honor each other and focus on their relationship as something that has a life of its own. That way, no outside influence or threat can tarnish it. That being said, Anastasia has acknowledged and accepted the more sexual and dominating side of herself, which is a driving force in the film. 

 And how does she deal with being married? 
Dakota: Because they mirror each other a lot, once they get married, Anastasia becomes maybe a bit more confident due to the fact that she has more responsibilities. Now its’s not just about her life, but also about the life of her husband and ultimately of their children. I do think marriage suits her. 

 What was it like to shoot the wedding scene? 
Dakota: It was funny and bizarre. I had never shot a wedding scene prior to that. But it was great because it was one of the times when we had the whole cast there and it’s always great to have everyone together. 

 So, like in the previous movies, is there also room for humor in Fifty Shades Freed? 
Dakota: Absolutely, you need the comic relief in these films.

 Is it hard for you to keep a straight face at times on set? 
Dakota: Oh yes. [Once] I laugh, it’s over – it’s like a runway train and we have to reset. Christian Grey is quite a complex human being. 

What do you believe Jamie Dornan has brought to that key role? 
Dakota: He is complex, and I believe Jamie has brought sophistication and some comedic accent to the role. Christian could have been a character that is quite cold and shut off, but Jamie is a tender person that gave im a level of warmth. 

 And you have both developed a real friendship over the course of these three movies. 
Dakota: Absolutely, I feel we will be friends forever. Jamie and I have gone through this whole journey together and he is the closest to knowing what the experience has been like and vice versa.

How has the relationship and chemistry helped you shoot the more intense and intimate scenes? Dakota: If we didn’t get along as well as we do, it would have been so much more difficult. Shooting intimate scenes is not comfortable, and they are amplified as the story moves on; so, if I hadn’t trusted him or felt safe it would have been a nightmare. 

At the heart of it all is the story of two people that truly love each other. 
Dakota: Yes, absolutely. I think that Christian and Anastasia find themselves in each other. There truly is deeply invested love, and with that comes explosive passion without judgement. There is no other person for the other. 

 But their love is tested in each film. What is the biggest challenge they have to face in Fifty Shades Freed?
 Dakota: The biggest test is the fact she gets pregnant before either of them are really ready to have a baby. Having to lose a part of her is a threat to Christian and maybe subconsciously to Anastasia as well, because she is too young. And then there are a few people that try to mess with them a lot and run their relationship. [Ana’s former editor-turned-stalker] Jack Hyde comes back and is not in a very good mood about things… 

 Anastasia Steele is such an iconic character. How do you see it? 
Dakota: I see her as a very honorable woman. She is smart, tough, dignified and graceful. She respects herself and other people. She is compassionate and forthright. She is an inspiring woman and a good person. 

 How would you say she has grown over the course of these three movies? 
Dakota: Anastasia has a great emotional and psychological arch. Coming from a very protected environment with a semi-naïve outlook, to ending up being the ultimate fierce, brave, expressive and protective woman. These are the traits I admire the most about her, along with the fact she is perpetually true to herself. There is not one moment in which she compromises herself for anyone or anything. That makes her an unexpectedly good role model for women struggling to discover their strength. 

 When you look back at the whole experience of shooting these films, there must be some special memories.
 Dakota: We’ve spent years on these projects… there are a thousand special moments and memories. The most important thing to me is a bout the entire experience are the people I met and the relationships I built. I found some really magical people on this hob and I am forever grateful for that.

Transcript by us.

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