New Interview of Dakota and Jamie for WHO Magazine

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Tell us something about Dakota that she might not want known?
Jamie: She tries to hide it, but she has a snort laugh. When she is really tickled, she snorts. Aggressively, and then she can’t stop snorting!

Dakota: I’m trying so hard not to snort now!

Share something about him [Jamie Dornan]:
Dakota: Jamie does this thing when he’s eating, he’ll sometimes store food in the side of his mouth and tell a story. But it will be a long story so he has this ball of food in the side of his mouth for way too long. 

What was the sexiest moment?
Dakota: It wasn’t a very sexy thing to film but having seen all three of them, if I look at it objectively, there is a scene in the third film where Anastasia is putting clothes on and as odd as it sounds, that was one of the sexiest moments. 

What have you learnt about relationships from the film and your twenties?
Dakota: Lordy-You! I guess from this movie that there is not one right kind of love. And from my own life that there is not one kind of love.

What’s your best Valentine’s memory?
Dakota: I met my first ever boyfriend on Valentine’s Day in high school and stayed with him for seven years!

Your mum, Melanie Griffith, said when the first film came out that she wouldn’t watch it. Has she seen any of them yet?
Dakota: No, but it’s not that she refuses to see it. I just think it’s not really appropriate for her to see it and I didn’t ask her for advice because we try to stay out of each other’s creative lives. 

Are you hopeful that women will be treated better on sets after the #MeToo movement?
Dakota: Yes. I’ve spoken about it to my grandmother [Tippi Hedren] a lot because of her experience with Hitchcock on The Birds and that was a terrible thing she went through. That was over 50 years ago so it’s been happening forever and it’s not an easy thing to talk about it. So, if I can do something to help make a change for the next generation of actresses, then I will definitely try to do that,

Do you feel these films carry a message that supports the women’s movement?

Dakota: I don’t feel that this character or film is hindering the evolution of the way women are treated at all. If anything, it might hopefully empower women to stand up for themselves and feel confident in their relationships and workplace. 

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